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John Smedley gives interesting tweets on DC Universe Online

Eliot Lefebvre

DC Universe Online is one of the most recent games to make the business model change over to free-to-play, but that alone isn't an assurance of a game's success. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And according to the latest Twitter posts by John Smedley on his feed, that pudding is exceptionally rich; Since the business model switch, the game's revenues have been up an astonishing 700% per day, with 53% of the revenue coming from the PlayStation 3 players.

The playerbase is growing, as well, with about a 6% increase per day. Apparently, 85% of players are returning players, and it would seem that many of them are happy with what they see judging by the growth in both revenue and total population. Enough to purchase more characters, even -- extra character slots are one of the most popular items in the cash shop, with the Vanguard of the Heavens skin being the other most popular item. It's an interesting set of numbers, showing that the proof is most certainly in the pudding -- and it's quite a lot of pudding.

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