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The Daily Grind: Are you in favor of SWTOR's 'legacy' surnames?


Though you may have missed the announcement amidst all the NDA-lifting frenzy, last week BioWare revealed the Legacy system for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Essentially, it allows players to choose surnames for their characters, but in a lore-friendly (if not RP-friendly) twist, you'll be restricted to one unique surname that will be shared across all of your characters on a single server.

Two hundred pages of posts later, players are still voicing deep concerns about the system. While most fans seem content with being rewarded for "legacy levels," roleplayers are baffled at the idea that their Twi'lek Consular and their Mirialan Smuggler must share the same last name and that gamers RPing family members across different accounts cannot share surnames. Some have suggested this is merely a ham-handed "handle" and not a true surname at all as seen in countless MMOs since the days of Ultima Online's free-form naming system.

What do you think? Should BioWare scrap this system and allow characters independent last names, or do you think the system suits the game just fine as proposed?

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