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Flyff's V18: Renaissance patch buffs Baruna weapons, brings bonus XP

Jef Reahard

If you were waiting on Flyff's V18: Renaissance update to check out gPotato's long-running MMO, well, you can stop waiting! The patch brings three new dungeons, over 100 new quests, and 60 new weapons to the free-to-play fantasy title. If that's not enough to wet your whistle, the devs are also running a couple of celebration events and giving away free items (not to mention double XP) just for logging in.

The dev team has also updated Baruna items by adding new enhancement options that "mold them into powerful weapons capable of empowering their owners against the most elite opponents," according to gPotato.

Be sure to log in today and take advantage of increased sunstone and moonstone drops, and don't forget to head to the official Flyff website to read all about the new patch. Finally, take a look past the break for the latest Flyff community Q&A video.

[Source: gPotato press release]

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