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xBounds adds HDMI mirroring to Android phones, lets you 'kill the pigs' on the big screen (video)


Forget DLNA, that pesky setup requires all of your electronic kit to match up with the same certification. If you want full HDMI-mirroring without the fuss, your go-to's going to be an innocuous little dongle from Dream Chip Technologies. The plain, white xBounds stick links up to your smartphone over WiFi using the outfit's xBeam encoder, transmitting mobile content via HDMI to an HDTV set or external monitor. Games and videos streamed to the big screen will also enjoy output in a higher resolution thanks to the company's xBounds ReMatch tech. But all of this ease of use comes at a price, as the RemoteGPU device is purported to cost €99 (about $134), with the full-on dev kit (which includes a Nexus S) ringing in at €998 (about $1,350). There's no word yet on an official release, so you'll just have to make due with the video after the break.

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