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Hacksugar: Send URLs from your PC to your iPhone


This morning, Beloved Leader Victor introduced me to my new favoritest hack for the iPhone ever -- if "ever" means "earlier this morning." It's a really good hack though.

What you do is this. In Safari or Firefox or whatever your favorite browser is, create a new bookmark, which I include here for your copying pleasure. This bookmark comes courtesy of Coldbeans software and what it does is converts the URL for your current page to a QRCode and displays it in a floating window.

Being basic Javascript, it runs across platforms and browsers. Essentially, you should be able to use it any modern browser.

Create a new bookmark, set the destination as the javascript I linked above, and name it something like QRCode. Then, when you come across a web page you want to share, select the bookmark and let it generate a QRCode.

From the iPhone side, use any of the millions of free QRCode clients to scan your computer. Instantly, the URL transfers, allowing you to copy it, view it, send it in email, etc.

Victor tells me he uses this to load up his iPhone with amusing YouTube Videos, but you probably have far more respectable reasons for transferring URLs.

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