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Peter Molydeux (note: still not Peter Molyneux) returns to Twitter, challenges UK game industry


"Just stuck my fingers up @rockstar_north (aka pig factory) and walked out. Cog in a machine? Not anymore, now I'M the machine," the mysterious Peter "Molydeux" Twitter account proprietor and UK game developer exclaimed this morning on his second Twitter account, "@dougiedeux." As previous interviews have revealed, the man behind the fake -- and often hilarious -- Twitter account "@petermolydeux" is a game developer who's worked on a variety of high profile titles. It appears his latest work was with Grand Theft Auto V studio Rockstar North, based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. Is that high profile enough?

Anyway, after "Molydeux" was banished from Twitter recently -- a result of an unknown user or users "reporting" his faux account to the Twitter mothership, possibly confused with the actual Peter Molyneux -- followers, friends, and media outlets voiced concern. Where would we be without his hilarious game design proposals every day? Nowhere, that's where!

Thankfully, Twitter reinstated the account as of today, with two messages from its operator thanking supporters and promoting his other account, "@dougiedeux." With that account, he plans on running an ongoing dev diary of his indie project, post-Rockstar North. That project? "Save the UK Games Industry from collapse." Good luck, mystery man!

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