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Saints Row: The Third site adds interactive stats and leaderboards

Save has added a whole slew of new metagame features for chaos simulator Saints Row: The Third, available now by logging in to the website.

In addition to standard stats like playtime and the number and type of kills, you can also check out leaderboards on various categories to see how you rate either among your friends or around the world. There's also an interactive map of the city, which will routinely add in player achievements, screenshots, and even custom hints from other players in the game, all displayed right on the spot where it happened.

All of the updates are free to use, but of course you've got to create a THQ account and sign in to it with the game itself. And Volition is promising even more features in the future -- trust us, no purple dildos will hit a single head in Steelport without you knowing about it by the time they're done.

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