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DCUO Lightning Strikes update to feature superhero origins content

Jef Reahard

By now you're probably aware of DC Universe Online's impending content pack. Lightning Strikes drops this Tuesday, December 6th, and in case you weren't already excited, PC Gamer's got a bit more for you to chew on.

In addition to a new Central City map and a new set of electricity-based superpowers, DCUO is adding some origin content designed to titillate DC Comics fans and introduce newbs to the canon's long and storied history. Sony Online Entertainment creative director Jens Andersen told PC Gamer that the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill is the first of several origins-type devices slated to appear in the superhero MMO, and SOE plans to let players revisit "the origin stories of DC's biggest villains and heroes."

The initial origin story occurs in one of DCUO's duo instances, where you and a friend will be whisked back in time to the night that Barry Allen rode the lightning and became The Flash. Head to the PC Gamer for the full article text, and check out the Lightning Strikes teaser video after the break.

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