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Orcs Must Die's 'Lost Adventures' DLC coming to XBLA in December

Have you already fulfilled the titular imperative delivered unto the player in Robot Entertainment's XBLA strategy-action title, Orcs Must Die? The joke's on you: There are always more Orcs. This time, they come in the form of the "Lost Adventures" DLC pack -- an expansion which came to PC last month, and will bring its five new fortresses, two enemies and additional collectible skulls to the XBLA version of the game sometime in December.

Of course, the 400 Microsoft Points ($5) you drop on this bad boy will also net you a handful of new tools, like the energy-restoring Mana Well, the health-draining Vampiric Gauntlets and the Shock Zapper, which both shocks and zaps. We know, we always assumed those two were synonyms as well. We guess we'll have to see the thing in action before we understand the subtle differences.

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Return through the rifts in "lost adventures" Xbox dlc pack for orcs must die!™

Robot Entertainment announces new levels, enemies, weapons and traps for Xbox 360 players

PLANO, Texas - November 30, 2011 – Robot Entertainment has announced the Lost Adventures DLC pack for their critically acclaimed action strategy game Orcs Must Die!™ on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The new pack of fortresses, weapons, traps, and enemies will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points this December.

Return to the dead world beyond the rifts and conquer a new series of five challenging fortresses. In Lost Adventures you'll travel from the depths of the Pit to the narrow passages high over the Great Gorge. The Lost Adventures are five of the most deadly rift assaults the War Mage has ever faced. In addition to the new fortresses, you can expand your War Mage's arsenal with two new traps and three new defenses. You'll be demolishing levels, beating your friends on the leaderboards, and most importantly, killing a bunch of orcs deader than dead.

New Fortresses and Enemies

· Five New Fortresses – Repel the orc onslaught in four completely new fortresses plus a reverse version of The Tower where your enemies have the high ground! Each fortress can be played on Apprentice, War Mage, or Nightmare difficulty.

· Two New Enemies – Fear the icy breath of the Frost Bat, and beware the draining magical attack of the Cyclops Mage!

· New Leaderboards – Challenge your friends for the highest score on leaderboards for each of the five new levels.

· New skull rewards – Earn up to fifty additional skulls to further upgrade your arsenal of traps, including the new traps in the Lost Adventures pack.

New Additions to the War Mage's Toolbox

· Mana Well - Place the Mana Well in strategic locations around a fortress for a burst of magical energy at just the right moment.

· Vampiric Gauntlets – Armed with these grim gauntlets, you can drain the enemy's health while restoring yours at the same time. If you have a desperate need to use spells, you can also use the gauntlets to drain your health in exchange for mana.

· Alchemist's Satchel – Toss a series of deadly acid bombs that explode on your command to melt flesh from the bones of multiple groups of orcs at once.

· Shock Zapper – Mount the Shock Zapper on the ceiling and zap fliers and ground units equally dead with this oversized pest remover.

· Floor Scorcher – By the time they see the fire, it will be too late. Burn entire groups of complacent enemies with this pop-up flaming surprise.

Orcs Must Die! is an action-strategy game that challenges players to defend fortresses under siege. With a wide variety of traps and weapons to choose from, Orcs Must Die! dares players to find the best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies. Orcs Must Die! features a vibrant look, addictive gameplay, and a blatant disregard for the welfare of orcs. Orcs Must Die! is rated T by the ESRB, and is available exclusively as a digital download. For more information about Orcs Must Die!, please visit

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