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Daily iPhone App: Walkmeter 6.0


I'm not a big fan of running, but I love cycling and walking, so I'm always looking for nice iOS apps to compliment my activities. A beautiful app I've fond for tracking my walks is Walkmeter 6.0 by Abvio. If Abvio sounds familiar, it's because we've covered their Runmeter app in the past.

Abvio actually makes three apps (Runmeter, Walkmeter, and Cyclemeter) that all do the same thing: they use the iPhone's built-in GPS to track and record your favorite exercises. Though all of the apps actually track any number of sports (walking, running, cycling, skying, etc. -- no matter which app you have) the developer decided to make three separate apps because he thought the individual names and icons would appeal to people depending on their favorite sport. That's something I think is cool, even though others might think the developer is trying to snake people in buying multiple apps when he's not.

In our earlier review of Runmeter, we told you about the enhancements that came with version 5.0 of the apps, including the excellent voices feature, which reads various stats to you as you exercise, the tight social integration, and the ability to export .GPX files to share your exercise's stats and maps with others. Version 6.0, which were released last month, continue to add a myriad number of features.

One of the coolest features is ANT+ support, which allows Walkmeter to talk to the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ system. This means that heart-rate monitors and speed/cadence cycling sensors are communicated with in real time, giving you instant feedback. No need to wait until your walk is done to see your results. You can also set target announcements for heart rate, speed, and pace, which are read to you by the Walkmeter voice of your choosing. Another cool feature is Zones, which allows you to see how much time, distance and calories were spent during a pace within a certain range. Version 6.0 also adds Notification Center support, laps and interval training, along with dozens of other enhancements throughout the app.

Walkmeter and its brothers aren't the cheapest exercise tracking apps out there, but I believe they are the best. The interface is fluid, responsive and easy to navigate, something that matters a lot if you are interacting with the app during your exercise. I've tried a lot of GPS-enabled exercise apps, and I deleted them from my iPhone once I found Walkmeter. If your current exercise app isn't doing it for you, I urge you to give one of Abvio's apps a try. Walkmeter 6.0 is US $4.99 in the App Store.

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