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Steve Jobs bio Amazon's best selling hardback book of 2011


When Steve Jobs selected Walter Isaacson to write his biography, he probably knew that the book about his life would be a bestseller. Sure enough, the hardcover edition of "Steve Jobs" topped the bestseller list for 2011, edging out "Heaven is for Real," "Unbroken" and other titles.

This is an amazing feat considering that the Jobs biography wasn't actually in bookstores until October 24. Many of the other titles have been on bookshelves for well over a year. While the hardcover of the book is at the top of the stack for 2011, the ebook version is (with about three weeks left in the year) only in the #21 spot in the list.

If you're one of the few Apple fans out there who hasn't had a chance to read the book cover-to-cover by this point, take a look at TUAW blogger Chris Rawson's excellent review of "Steve Jobs". Chris wrote his Master's thesis on the concept of truth in biographical works, and notes that "In the process of telling the unvarnished truth about Steve Jobs, it dispels much of the myth and magic surrounding the man and his legacy."

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