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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD reaches PSN by year's end


If you weren't overwhelmed by the glut of new games in 2011, there were plenty of polished oldies to keep you occupied -- and we'll have to make room for one more of those before 2012 sets up shop. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD is coming to the European PSN on December 21, and to the US store on December 27.

Headed by Gravity Crash developer Just Add Water, the Stranger's Wrath overhaul contains -- among other things -- upgraded character models, enriched environments, bug fixes, difficulty modifiers and even minor corrections to visual continuity. (Example: "Sekto's Office has been changed to more closely resemble that seen in the FMV.") You'll get all that for $14.99 (or £9.99), alongside the stuff we loved back in 2005: unusual weaponry, off-beat characters and, err, not-so-subtle commentary on the ecological devastation wrought by rampant consumerism and corporate expansion. It's Oddworld.

Just Add Water also announced via Twitter that the HD updates would come to the PC version of Stranger's Wrath within two to three months. The PlayStation 3 game will also get an update within a "couple months," adding the Move and 3D support that was planned but not implemented in time.

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