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Apple posts iTunes Rewind 2011, chooses App Store favorites for the year


Apple has posted its iTunes Rewind 2011 page, where it has spotlighted the best and most popular content on the App Store. Singer Adele has won Apple's best artist of the year, while the Foo Fighters picked up the spot for best album on the store.

Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, and Downton Abbey (all terrific TV shows) are spotlighted in the TV area, and Apple has also chosen winners for the books and movies categories. The Best Audio Podcast on the store is one done by the Epic Meal Time guys, and the Best Video Podcast goes to the very popular TED Talks (which also has its own app).

Apple has also picked some iOS apps of the year: Instagram and Snapseed are the best iPhone and iPad apps of the year (both photo-related, strangely), and Nimblebit's great Tiny Tower and EA's Dead Space are the best games on iPhone and iPad, according to Apple.

Each section of the Rewind page also has a few runners-up spotlighted, as well as list of the best selling items in each category. The best selling paid app on the App Store? Take one guess. You'll notice that there are no links inside iTunes to the best Mac apps, but of course that's because the Mac App Store is now hosting its own "best of" page, available from the header on "Featured" content. Pixelmator and Civilization 5 have been chosen by Apple as best app and game of the year, respectively.

All of these choices are pretty solid -- congrats to all of the winners. It's been one heck of a year for apps and iTunes content, and it's great to see what it all looks like in retrospective. Stay tuned -- we will be making our own picks for the best of the year as we get even closer to 2012.

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