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Apple searching for global channel chief


Apple has apparently hired an executive from HP to handle its IT channel business in the UK, and the company is still searching for a global channel director, according to Channelnomics. Apple hired one Trevor Evans to run things in the UK, who joined the company after resigning from HP while on leave. And the company is reportedly looking under every rock it can to figure out who can run its global IT channel, making sure that all of its various retail outlets and groups have all the right connections they need. Apple's criteria are "stringent," say the reports, so Cupertino wants to make sure it finds the exact right person for the job.

Obviously this is an important one -- as great as Apple's retail experience can be, there is a huge opportunity to be had on the back end as well, making sure that sales go smoothly and that sales professionals are well-informed and connected. As Apple's retail business continues to grow around the world, it'll need to make sure whoever steps into the position can handle things well.

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