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WB Montreal focusing on great DC Comics games, 'forget the movies'


The most successful games based on DC Comics properties, like, say, the two recent Batman games, aren't based on movies. Unsurprisingly, then, Warner Bros. sees no particular reason to cross-promote with DC games.

Warner Bros. Montreal executive producer Reid Schneider told Canadian Business that WB isn't pushing the studio to tie into movies. "No, we're not going in that direction," Schneider said. "It's really about make the game what it needs to be and forget the movies."

In fact, it's avoiding movie deadlines, he said, that helps the games become great. "If you look at the similarities between [Batman: Arkham Asylum and Neversoft's 1998 Spider-Man game], they weren't based on movies per se," Schneider said. "They were just taking that really rich fiction from the comic books and exploring the characters. It's not about hitting the movie date or some arbitrary date-it was giving the game the time it needs to be successful and really just concentrating on the quality of it." It's been successful enough that the games are getting their own tie-ins.

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