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Capcom's Svensson wants fans to know 'Mega Man is a key brand,' still


Mega Man is still near and dear to Capcom and official announcements will come "in due course," senior vice president of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson told GameInformer. Some "top men" (as opposed to "bottom men," "middlemen," and "top but not as top as men women") at Capcom are considering Mega Man's future as we speak, and it remains a key brand for the company, Svensson said.

Svensson recognizes that some fans are "disenfranchised" with Capcom over the Mega Man cancellations, and he asks for patience, as there is no quick cure for those wounds. Capcom is working on its relationship with western markets, establishing Fright Clubs for Resident Evil and Dead Rising games in North America, and the original Fight Clubs rolling out in Europe over the next few months. Capcom is also relaunching its Capcom-Unity site for fans to engage directly with employees and developers.

Capcom is working with western studios such as Capcom Vancouver on its current projects, which includes a new IP, Svensson said.

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