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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is still sore from last night

Jordan Mallory

Last night's Spike TV Video Games Awards ceremony was more painful to watch than embarrassing home movies filmed at a kitten-beheading festival. We had to watch grown, actual men get teabagged by other actual grown men, because that's what video games are all about, apparently. If you were fortunate enough to escape the dark void that is the VGAs, our liveblog of the event is a pretty accurate representation of what the experience is like.

We're going to try and calm down our newly acquired posttraumatic stress disorder by looking over our favorite webcomics from last week and voting for our favorites after the break. We suggest you do the same!

Nepotism (Brawl in the Family)
Zelda, It's Cold Outside (Virtual Shackles)
Song of Time (GG-Guys)
Make Your Own Skyrim Comic (Nerf Now!!)
Clairnoyance (Awkward Zombie)
Ms. Pacman Adventures (Magical Game Time)


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