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Droid RAZR MAXX appears in Verizon Wireless inventory, details remain mysterious

Zachary Lutz

Leave it to Motorola to milk the iconic RAZR branding for all it's worth. A new LTE phone has appeared in Verizon's inventory system, and dubbed the Droid RAZR MAXX, it seems to be at least a spiritual successor to the original MotoRAZR MAXX. Little else is known about the device, other than some EXIF data that hints at a similar 8 megapixel shooter. Like the variants we've seen floating around in China, could this option be sporting a 720p display? Perhaps a beefier battery? Or maybe it's just "maxxxxed" out with a few design tweaks and a slightly higher price. Place your bets while the gamblin' is good, folks. Soon enough, we're going to know what makes this one tick.

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