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Engadget Distro now available on Android Market and iOS Newsstand!


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Since we first launched Engadget Distro on the iPad, we've received endless requests (seriously, we're still counting them) for three things: an Android version, iOS Newsstand integration and a fount from which infinite knowledge pours from. We've promised to work on two of the three, and it's time we delivered. We're pleased to announce that Distro is now available for most Android tablets; a list of minimum supported specifications is after the break, but if you're using Android 3.x or above, you should be golden. And for those of you iPad owners longing to see Distro on Apple's Newsstand, we're there too. So, follow the appropriate link below, and get your download on. And, while we can't guarantee you'll be seeing us on your TouchPad anytime soon, the developments don't stop here.

On a personal note, we're super excited to be expanding Distro, and we can't wait to hear back from the folks who will be diving in now that it's in a few new places. Enjoy!

Distro on the Android Market
Distro APK (for sideloading)
Distro on the iTunes App Store

As of now, Android 3.x and up is supported for Engadget Distro, and you'll need a device with an Xlarge screen (at least 960dp x 768dp) to take advantage. Let us know if you're seeing compatibility issues in comments below!

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