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Gamefly discounts used games in end-of-year sale


Finish your holiday shopping already? Well, if you've got some spare coin and are looking to treat yourself for getting your shopping done early for once, you may be interested in Gamefly's end of year sale. It's a pretty big sale, guys.

Gamefly's used titles on Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, Wii and PS3 have been discounted through January 3, and any purchase from Gamefly also qualifies for free shipping throughout the duration of the sale. Sheer quantity alone of what's on offer is impressive -- highlights include cheap copies of Mortal Kombat, L.A. Noire, Kirby's Epic Yarn and many, many more.

Or we guess you could just pocket your remaining cash. You've already bought all your gifts, so sit back and relax -- unless you forgot the batteries, in which case we imagine you're running out of the house now to ... yeah, you've already left. Okay then.

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