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Breakfast Topic: What's the most useless ability in World of Warcraft?


We've all seen them there in our spellbooks, looking forlornly at us with their icons. They'll never make it onto your action bars, never be cast in anger, never save a life or help a friend. They are the forgotten ones that slowly slope off into history, once great, now only dust. When we learned them, we were disappointed: "What do you mean this ability isn't really used? Why do they bother to have us learn it?" No doubt these abilities will eventually disappear from the game, but who will miss them? Maybe out there somewhere is one player who really relied on that ability for some aspect of play who will mourn their passing, but the rest of us just won't notice as they drift into the twilight.

So what are these abilities or spells for your class? I have a candidate for nomination, and that's the shaman weapon imbue Rockbiter Weapon. I can't imagine any situation where I'd want to generate huge amounts of threat as a shaman. Perhaps this is a leftover from when shamans could sort of tank back in the day? I honestly can't think of any other ability in the game that's quite so useless as that, but of course I haven't played every class, and there may be one out there.

What are your nominations? I'm not inviting class-specific QQ for so-called broken abilities; I really only want to know about things that just haven't a use in game. What can top Rockbiter Weapon in the most useless ability charts?

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