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Inafune's 'The Island of Dr. Momo' launches via GREE


The first game from Keiji Inafune's 'Comcept' studio -- the first Inafune game since Capcom, in other words -- is now available in Japan, and it's pretty dang cute. 'The Island of Dr. Momo' is a social game for smartphones, published by gigantic mobile game company GREE. It was released on Android yesterday with an iOS version incoming.

In this (we'll warn you again: it's cute) game, you collect eggs from different creatures, and "fuse" them in an attempt to create the cutest "Kawaiimon" animal in the world. You can trade the results with friends to increase your menagerie, or get new Kawaiimon out of a capsule machine.

Inafune's other game is also pretty adorable: Intercept's Kaio: King of Pirates will be out on 3DS sometime next year.

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