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Spotify is TUAW Best of 2011 winner for iPhone music apps


TUAW readers have spoken, and Spotify has grabbed the last iPhone award in the TUAW Best of 2011 voting. The free app (there is a charge for premium access) provides access to over 15 million tracks of music.

Considering that Spotify has only been available in the US for six months, the fact that the app pulled in over 56 percent of the votes shows just how popular it is with TUAW readers.

The second-place winner, trailing Spotify with only 17.9 percent of the votes, is NanoStudio (US$14.99). While Spotify is an app for consumption of recorded audio, NanoStudio is a musician's dream instrument and recording studio.

Congratulations to Spotify for winning the top place in our TUAW Best of 2011 voting for iPhone music apps! This is the last category for iPhone apps and hardware, and tomorrow the results of initial iPad polling begin to appear on TUAW.

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