Samsung's Smart TV SDK reaches 3.0 with support for USB controllers, payment and ads

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Samsung's Smart TV SDK reaches 3.0 with support for USB controllers, payment and ads
Even though all signs indicate Samsung will be joining the Google TV party shortly, it's not going to give up on its own existing Smart TV platform just yet. We don't know if it will run the two side by side as it has operated with Yahoo! Widgets, but the Korean manufacturer has announced it plans to release version 3.0 of its SDK January 5th. The new Samsung Apps toolkit supports mobile devices and TV sets, and lets developers build in support for remote controls, as well as USB mice, keyboards or gamepads. Of course, not all devs will work for free, so they're also adding a way for them to get paid through the built-in payment system or advertisements. Currently, Samsung claims 25,000 developers from 140 countries in its forums, but we'll have to wait until CES 2012 to find out if its products live up to the hype and attract more innovative software to the segment.
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Samsung Electronics to Enrich Smart TV Ecosystem by Supporting App Developers

Samsung Electronics is to release SDK (Software Development Kit) 3.0 for smart TV application developers in a bid to enrich the smart TV ecosystem.

SDK 3.0, which is scheduled to unveil on Jan 5, is compatible with mobile devices and TV sets and adds features like app advertisement and payment. SDK 3.0 also supports various input devices from remote controller to USB mouse, keyboard and game controller.

Samsung has been continuously working on enhancing the smart TV ecosystem. In particular, Samsung initiated the Samsung Developers Forum in 2009 for Samsung Smart TV application developers. The SDF has now grown into the industry's biggest TV app developer forum with 25,000 developers in 140 countries.

In part of its efforts of enriching the smart TV eco system, Samsung expects SDK 3.0 would help app developers smoothly move into TV app development and also invigorate the TV app market with its advertisement platform.
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