Soundfreaq gets edgy with Sound Kick mobile Bluetooth speaker

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.04.12

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Soundfreaq gets edgy with Sound Kick mobile Bluetooth speaker

In the midst of Yet Another iPod Sound System-palooza, Soundfreaq has managed to craft some pretty differentiated pieces. Here in the run-up to CES 2012, the outfit's ushering in its most edgy device yet, the Sound Kick. It's a mobile wireless speaker that touts a unique speaker chamber, which shuts compactly for travel and then opens up whenever there's room. It's able to push on through seven solid hours of on-the-go listening (thanks to that internal Li-ion battery), and it can even share the juice with any USB-chargeable device -- similar to Spar's own Zephyr. In related news, the company's also using the show to introduce its Sound Step Recharge in white and red. Expect the new lot to ship this spring, and if you're hungry for more, the full release is just after the break.

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Unveiling at CES 2012, Soundfreaq's Upcoming Products Include
The New Sound Kick, and Sound Step Love and Sound Step Ghost Editions

Los Angeles, January 4, 2012 – Soundfreaq today announces its newest products, which include Sound Kick, a mobile wireless speaker. Unveiling during CES 2012, Sound Kick adds portability and power in a compact package to the company's line of speakers.

Designed for mobility, Sound Kick's unique XKICK™ speaker chamber closes compactly for travel and then expands open for full sound whenever users are ready to play audio. This technology innovation delivers acoustically balanced audio in a portable package. With a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, Sound Kick allows for up to seven hours of on-the-go listening. Sound Kick can also charge any USB-chargeable device via its USB power port, even when running on its battery to keep smart phones powered -- a helpful feature for traveling.

"We develop all of our products from the ground up to meet user needs we see in the market," said Matthew Paprocki, co-founder and creative director of Soundfreaq. "Bluetooth is a great technology for portable wireless speakers and we're seeing the market flooded with many options, but there is a trade-off between size and sound quality. As an audio company, we were able to develop a unique expandable sound chamber for Sound Kick that closes compact for travel and then expands to produce full, balanced sound. Combined with our proprietary UQ3 spatial enhancement, Sound Kick strikes the right balance between size and sound and offers more value than any other portable wireless speaker on the market today."

At CES, Soundfreaq will also be introducing its highly-praised Sound Step Recharge in white and red editions. The new all-white GHOST edition and all-red LOVE edition feature the same Bluetooth capabilities, functionality and impressive sound as the original in a crisp white or bold red design to accent a home or office environment.

With the addition of Sound Kick, Soundfreaq offers the most complete line of Bluetooth speakers on the market along with the critically acclaimed Sound Platform, Sound Step/Sound Step Recharge, and Sound Stack. All Soundfreaq products allow users to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth compatible device including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Blackberry.

Sound Step Recharge GHOST and LOVE products will be available the first quarter 2012 online at and in select retail stores.

Available this spring, Sound Kick continues Soundfreaq's commitment to delivering a versatile, wireless audio entertainment experience, including:

• Impressive Portable Performance – Sound Kick measures just 1.6" thick for travel. When users are ready to listen, Sound Kick expands open to produce full sound with balanced bass, vocal clarity and UQ3™ spatial enhancement

• Always in Charge – Universal USB power port allows users to charge any USB-chargeable gadget including Blackberry, Android and Apple phones from Sound Kick, even when its running on battery power

• App-solute Entertainment – Sound Kick is the perfect portable speaker for enhancing any entertainment experience on the go -- delivering crystal clear audio with any app to enjoy for movies, TV shows, videos, games, and Internet radio, including Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, TiVo, Spotify and HBO GO

• Everyone Can Connect, Today and Tomorrow – Sound Kick is designed for both today's and tomorrow's smart devices using Bluetooth – the portable wireless standard

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Soundfreaq is a global co-op of craftsmen – designers and engineers with deep expertise in consumer electronics and a passion for great sound. By working outside the limitations of a traditional corporate structure, we are able to develop products from the ground up that deliver premium sound for a wireless world.
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