Engadget Mobile Podcast 120 - 01.06.2012

Can you simply not wait another day for an avalanche / flood / tsunami of mobile news to arrive on your doorstep courtesy of the yearly Gathering of the Juggalos Tech Bloggers and Enthusiasts? It's a good thing the industry didn't shut down this week, and we didn't forget to podcast at you, Engadget Mobile Podcast listener. Stick with us. These next couple of days are going to get weird.

Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Brad Molen, Joseph Volpe
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Tycho - Coastal Brake (Ghostly International)

00:34:05 - Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile review
00:52:30 - Leaked memo details Verizon's $2 fee for paying your bill; autodraft or ACH the only way out (update: confirmed)
00:55:30 - Verizon's $2 convenience fee inconveniences the FCC
00:58:30 - Verizon backs down from convenience fee, values your two cents
01:03:25 - Eldar Murtazin gives RIM six months to win back customers, says Nokia is selling its soul to Microsoft
01:10:10 - RIM reportedly scraps the Colt and Milan, leaving London as sole BlackBerry 10 device?
01:16:55 - AT&T expands LTE coverage to eleven new markets, including NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles
01:17:20 - HTC Radiant tipped for AT&T: don't call it an LTE-enabled Titan
01:17:35 - AT&T-branded Nokia Ace possibly leaked in holiday card
01:19:30 - Engadget's CES 2012 Preview
01:22:02 - Samsung outs revamped Galaxy Ace Plus: bigger screen, worse resolution

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