N-Control makes good after PR meltdown, donates to Child's Play [update]

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N-Control makes good after PR meltdown, donates to Child's Play [update]
Something good has come out of the PR nightmare faced by N-Control (when its PR turned out to be a nightmare). In a successful effort to buy good press, the company announced today that it's donated $10,000 to Child's Play, along with a pledge of $50,000 worth of Avenger products, which currently includes the "Avenger" controller attachment (a device designed both for "hardcore" gamers and those with disabilities). Now that's classy PR.

There is some bad news, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, given the issue that touched off the drama in the first place: late shipping. N-Control has decided to suspend new orders of the freaky-looking Avenger contraption, in the interest of filling backorders.

Update: N-Control let us know that, while it's not taking orders on its own site right now, Buy.com has plenty of Xbox 360 Avengers for sale.
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Miami, FL--- Friday, January 6, 2012--- N-Control, makers of the Avenger Controller accessory, has
donated $10,000 to Child's Play (www.childsplaycharity.org), becoming a Platinum Sponsor. NControl has additionally pledged $50,000 worth of Avenger product should Child's Play find a need for
it. Product will not ship until the spring; this will come well after all current backorders have been
N-Control will continue to donate to Child's Play in the future. They have also begun work to bring the
Avenger into military hospitals, as well as accelerate existing plans to develop new custom add-ons
that will meet the needs of a wider range of disabled gamers. Although the Avenger sold in stores is
focused on and intended for the general market, its creator continues to be driven by the original unit's
purpose, as noted in the Seattle Times.
N-Control is also happy to announce that they have full access to all digital assets, including their
social media identities, email accounts, and web server (among other property). They will be relaunching their website today.
N-Control has decided to suspend new direct sales for XBOX and PS3 units for the time being in the
interest of focusing on backorders and ensuring sufficient product inventory worldwide. Customers
interested in placing new orders should look for it and request it at Buy.com, NewEgg, ThinkGeek,
Amazon, GameStop, Fry's, MicroCenter, BestBuy.com, and the hundreds of wonderful independent
gaming retailers that carry the Avenger.
As stated previously, all existing orders will be fulfilled. Backordered XBOX units have been shipped.
PS3 units have arrived at customs in the US and will ship by January 15
at the latest, and will likely
ship much sooner. N-Control has invested heavily in ensuring that all XBOX and PS3 backorders
reach their destinations as immediately as possible.
"N-Control appreciates our customers' patience and support through this rough patch we have been
through," said founder David Kotkin. "We have been in regular touch with Customer Dave, who prefers
his identity not be revealed, and he's been very supportive."
Customers should continue to direct communication regarding orders to
For more details regarding N-Control and Avenger Controller, visit www.avengercontroller.com.
For more information, follow Avenger Controller on Twitter: @NControlAvenger
For more information regarding Child's Play, visit: http://www.childsplaycharity.org/
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