Fisher Price Kid Tough Portable DVR hands-on (video)

We're here at Pepcom Digital Experience where Fisher Price has just unveiled a slick piece of tech for the toddler and up set: the Kid Tough Portable DVR. Indeed, the unit looks and feel as though it were built to take a beating -- because it is. The high tech toy, available in either blue or pink, allows children and parents to record up to two hours worth of video. And if you find you're running out of space for that rerun of Yo Gabba Gabba!, there's a convenient microSD slot for increased storage of up to 32GB. The unit ships with a plain black dock that connects to a cable or satellite set-top box via composite cables. And, as with all things 21st century, the DVR has a 3.5-inch LCD touch interface for simple navigation and control, in addition to built-in stereo speakers, and a headphone jack for on-the-go use. The company's prepping this kid-friendly DVR for a May 2012 release, with the unit expected to retail for $150. We managed to grab a bit of hands-on time with the device, so hop on past the break for a video tour.