iOS, Android and Mac stats for World of Goo

World of Goo is a physics based game that's popular among kids and adults. It started off as a PC desktop game and transitioned to the Mac, iPhone and iPad. The company recently sold its one millionth copy on iOS and released some sales stats for its different platforms. Not surprisingly, the universal version for iOS is its top seller followed by the iPhone version, which together account for 96% of the game's Apple-based revenue. The Mac version comes in last with only 4% of the revenue.

The app also launched on Android about a month ago, and sales are strong. The paid version has been downloaded 70,000 times, and the free version has topped 450,000 downloads. During its first month of sales, the iPhone version reached 180,000 downloads. 2D Boy claims it's not fair to compare the sales of the two platforms because iOS customers had to pay for the app, while Android customers could choose a free version. The company says these figures show that the "Android Market is no longer the tiny upstart it was a year or two ago" and notes that "there is an opportunity for high visibility paid games to do very well on Android."