Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2's dungeon diary

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.10.12

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Massively Exclusive: WindSlayer 2's dungeon diary
Windslayer 2
What separates MMO avatars from we mortals in the real world? Other than a surprising tolerance for 60-pound shoulder armor, we'd have to say, "the near-suicidal tendency to continually dive into long-forgotten caves, castles, and other dungeons of doom," although perhaps there's a few of you who do pull off the side of the road while driving in order to run into an open sewer pipe. We don't know.

What we do know is that MMOs wouldn't be the same without the classic dungeon dive, and WindSlayer 2 is on board with that concept. In the latest exclusive developer diary from Ignited Games, the team talks about the advantages of forming adventuring parties to go danger spelunking and what the risks and rewards might come out of such actions.

Dungeon delving

Stock up on potions and prepare your weapons, Slayers! In this entry to the developer's diary we'll be delving into the exciting, dangerous and rewarding dungeons of WindSlayer 2.

What world is complete without lairs crawling with minions and diabolical boss monsters plotting to take over? Luckily for those adventurous enough to take on the challenge, there are plenty of dungeons to explore and conquer in the lands of Beuritania.

Hidden within each region of Beuritania is an instanced dungeon occupied by nefarious beings. These dungeons allow you to form an expedition with friends, guild members or even total strangers for a more personal experience adventuring through your own private dungeon. Other players cannot enter your instance, so you will not have to worry about possible annoyances such as kill stealing or camping. Thus, your party will be able to explore and share the treasures within.

Reaching those treasures is easier said than done though. Alongside fighting the denizens of the dungeon, your party will face traps, pitfalls, invisible platforms and puzzles that will keep you and your party on their toes. Certain areas can only be passed after defeating all the enemies; in others you must find switches to activate a portal. Some portals are magically invisible and some passageways must be destroyed to continue moving forward. Each dungeon presents a different scenario and the dungeon bosses will not be happy to see you entering their lair, so be sure to keep your wits about you!

In specific dungeons you also will find new allies and powerful enemies that progress the storyline of WindSlayer 2. It is here that you will encounter the terrors of the land, the beings that want to crush all life and bend it to their ruthless wills. Through determination, courage and strength of force, you and your party members may have what it takes to overcome these monstrosities and bring peace to the lands of Beuritania.

It is also possible that new and unimagined evils will arise in the form of undiscovered dungeons, enemies and obstacles in the future.
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