Daily Mac App: PixFit

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Daily Mac App: PixFit

Last week, we looked at SnapRuler, a tool for measuring the dimensions of an object on your screen. This week, we are taking a look at PixFit, a similar, but less expensive tool for taking measurements. Whether it's a square image or an irregularly-shaped block of text, PixFit will give you the dimensions. It resides in your menu bar and is ready to provide you measurements in a flash.

You can launch the measuring tool directly from the menu bar or by using a hotkey shortcut. It gives you a straightforward crosshair selection tool that lets you draw a box around an object and measure the edges of your selection. If you don't like the selection, you can hold down the shift key and adjust the guidelines to get the perfect fit. The arrow keys can be used to adjust both the location and size of the selection box by one pixel at a time.

If you still don't like your measurement, you can hit the esc key and start over. Once your selection is perfect, you can tap the space key and copy the width and height to your clipboard. You can copy the dimensions in CSS format or just plain text.

PixFit is easy, fast and affordable. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of SnapRuler, but it's this simplicity that makes the app so useful. It's perfect for someone who only needs to measure the dimensions of an on-screen object and wants a simple, lightweight tool to help with that task. With its $5.99 price tag, PixFit is affordable, too.

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