Launch Center demo by creator David Barnard

Last night David Barnard of App Cubby swung by our makeshift studio in San Francisco to show off Launch Center, which had only been live on the App Store for a few hours.

If you're wondering what Launch Center does, this video will explain it. Basically it's a shortcut app which allows you to save a few clicks doing things like texting someone or even doing a Google search of whatever is in your clipboard. But there are a bunch of great shortcuts in here, from tweeting to calling to launching a website. Plus, you can schedule shortcuts. I can't wait to prank someone by activating the flash on the iPhone at some time while my iPhone is on the table, explaining that it is a noxious fumes detector. (Update: OK, you can really only schedule a notification that, when you slide to open it, will then launch the action.)

If you frequently find yourself tapping too many times on your iPhone, you should absolutely give Launch Center a look. Plus, if you want to schedule certain actions on your iPhone, Launch Center is a dream come true. I think it's a great idea, and David explains a bit about why it was initially rejected by Apple, but is now allowed. Check out the video below.