The Xappr, because your smartphone doesn't look enough like a gun

You love your smartphone -- and who can blame you, really? There's seemingly no limit to what it can do. But ask yourself this: does it look enough like a gun? The answer is almost certainly a big, fat "no." Thankfully, the Xappr is on its way from Metal Compass, set to help smartphones everywhere live up to their full laser gun potential. The company tells us that the accessory will work with iPhones and Android and Windows handsets (though only iOS and Android games are available, at present). Metal Compass expects to ship the thing in June, but you can pre-order one now, if you dare, for the low, low price of $30 (plus a full $15 in shipping, here in the States). Shoot past the break for a press release.

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MetalCompass will reveal smartphone guns at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

MetalCompass will reveal for the first time two models of gaming accessories for smartphones - The Xappr and the Micro-Xappr guns. The models will be revealed in the international toy fair that will take place in Nuremberg, Germany between February 1st and February 6st.

Both the Xappr and the Micro-Xappr allows players to play a variety of augmented reality and shooting games. "The Xappr guns has already more than 10 amazing augmented reality games that will allow the player to intercept alien spaceships, find and eliminate ghosts, fight evil flying robots, hunt a horde of blood thirsty zombies and the most important - engage in battle with other players" says Oren Shtark, MetalCompass' CDO.

MetalCompass will release this spring the first real world multiplayer first person shooter for smartphones - ATK. ATK will allow players to simulate combat scenarios with different types of weapons - guns, rifles, grenade launchers and powerful pulse weapons. ATK will support three battle modes: Death-match, Last Man Standing and Teams Mode.

The Xappr guns will be available this spring but players from the US, Canada or the EU you can pre-order the Xappr gun now, get a discount and be the first among their friends to get the Xappr gun this spring.