Elevate aims high, agrees to become Sprint's newest MVNO

Brad Molen
B. Molen|02.07.12

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Elevate aims high, agrees to become Sprint's newest MVNO
Another MVNO is going live on Sprint's network, and this time Elevate is the one signing the dotted line. The company, known primarily for providing digital services such as VoIP, wireline and wireless broadband in 22 markets across the country, is now aiming to expand its portfolio by using the Now Network to provide both postpaid and prepaid mobile plans for its customers. While we're still waiting to hear the specifics, Elevate mentioned that it will feature Android and "Windows-based devices." The MVNO will also be leveraged to support the company's Smart Home automation service, taking advantage of a new app that will give customers remote access to all aspects of their home security systems. Head over to the press release to glean every last little detail.

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Elevate Partners with Sprint to Offer Nationwide Mobile Telephone Service and Best in Class Devices

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Elevate, Inc. (OTCBB:ELEV) today announced an agreement with Sprint Nextel Corporation whereby Elevate will sell mobile voice and data services to consumers and businesses using the Nationwide Sprint Network.

"We're excited to offer our customers exclusive Elevate rate plans, reliable coverage and innovative products through our new relationship with Sprint"

Elevate's MVNO agreement, which was executed at the end of December, will enable the Company to provide mobile network connectivity and the latest Android and Windows-based devices to over 274 million consumers on both a prepaid and postpaid service basis.

"We're excited to offer our customers exclusive Elevate rate plans, reliable coverage and innovative products through our new relationship with Sprint," says Wright Thurston, Elevate CEO. "This contract makes it possible for us to bundle Elevate branded mobile voice and data connectivity with our other digital services in such a way as to offer additional savings off our already competitive Stack service plans."

As a digital services integrator, Elevate is able to provide comprehensive service 'Stacks,' or product packages that are customized based on a consumer's particular needs. Unlike other popular bundled offerings, the component services in an Elevate Stack aren't exclusive to any single delivery network or partner provider. In other words, Elevate customers can save even more on their home automation, digital television, wireless broadband Internet, and digital telephone services by signing up for Elevate mobile.

In addition to rounding out the Company's digital services offering, the Sprint contract also provides a key benefit to current Elevate home automation subscribers. Through Elevate's mobile application, Smart Home customers can access their security and monitoring systems, they can view recorded and live video feeds; arm and disarm door and window sensors; lock, unlock and open access points like windows, doors and garage doors; and view intruder or status alerts.

Rod Place, Elevate COO, explains, "Our mobile application and in-home technology give our customers a lot of control over their homes, even when they are not in them. That control, however, is subject to the quality and consistency of the network over which the application communicates. Sprint's network is massive, reliable and affordable. It makes our Smart Home product that much better."
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