Rise of Dragonian Era launches with special in-game events

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.14.12

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Rise of Dragonian Era launches with special in-game events
Tired of being stuck in your daily commute, crawling along at 15 mph? Ever fantasize about saddling up a 10-ton dragon to soar above the rat race and deliver a final blow to that driver who cut you off? While Mgame USA hasn't perfected dragon genetics (yet), the company has released Rise of Dragonian Era to give you a virtual taste of the high life.

RODE, a free-to-play fantasy MMO, is quite big on our dragon brothers and sisters. The title has two factions, six races, and four classes from which to choose. Players will begin their journey through the game with a freshly hatched dragon pet who will accompany them through thick and thin. If that's not enough Dragonheart for you, you can also get the opportunity to fly one of these majestic beasts later on and engage in aerial warfare.

To promote RODE's launch, Mgame is handing out rewards left and right through various means. Players can earn in-game items, gift cards, and big-ticket prizes like a PS Vita just by playing for 30 minutes or more, submitting winning screenshots, leveling up, and attending special events.
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