Daily iPad App: The Lost Shapes builds a puzzle connection

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.23.12

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Daily iPad App: The Lost Shapes builds a puzzle connection

The Lost Shapes is a recently released puzzle game that's not a bad title. You have a queue of tiles with lines and corners on them on the side of the screen, and you're meant to tap them out in order to make certain shapes. It's like Tetris, sort of: You have to manage both the queue of pieces coming down, as well as try to switch around shapes on the board to try and line things up in as few moves as possible.

There's both a survival mode and a shape mode. The first just asks you to put together as many shapes as you can for as long as possible, and the second gives you some target shapes to make. The game is well-polished, and the little in-game character ends up being relatively charming, even if at first, I just wanted him to get out of the way and let me play around with the game.

The Lost Shapes is a quality title from dreamfab. The gameplay is definitely nice and deep, as you learn more and more about how to build shapes, both from your queue and from the tiles you've placed on the board, and with both the shape and survival mode "campaigns," there's plenty of content to explore and play with. If you're looking for a fun puzzle title to play around with, you can grab it in the store for $2.99.

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