Will creativity tools be the "next wave" of iOS apps?

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Will creativity tools be the "next wave" of iOS apps?


Blogger Erica Ogg over at GigaOM's The Apple Blog brought up an interesting point in a post today, wondering aloud if creativity tools will be the next big wave of iOS apps. There have always been creativity tools, like painting and drawing apps, in the App Store, but Ogg based her comment on two beautiful and well-designed apps that appeared last week and have caught a lot of attention from buyers.

Those two apps are Snapguide and Paper. Snapguide (free) provides a simple way for anyone to create and share step-by-step how-to guides, while Paper by FiftyThree (free, with in-app tool purchases) is one of the best iPad sketching and painting apps I've ever seen and used. Both of the apps have immediately resonated with iOS users, who find the creative aspects of these apps as appealing as the traditional consumption-oriented apps that have been so popular on the iOS platform.

Ogg notes that "the debuts of Snapguide and Paper are showing that not only are developers making apps that make the iPhone and iPad more of a creative tool, but that users are responding." Many more developers may find themselves moving away from the heavily populated world of game app development to try the clear blue skies of creativity apps.

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