NAB 2012 wrap-up

"That's a wrap!" Finally, an appropriate use for that industry cliché, since, ya know, we really are at a motion picture / television conference. As our first trip to the National Association of Broadcasters' annual event in Las Vegas fires its last frame, we're going to roll to the credits, honoring all those products that enabled us to justify spending a week in Sin City on the company dime. From Canon's 4K-capable 1D C (that'll sadly run you far more than $4k) to RED's Dragon sensor upgrade set to render "obsolescence obsolete," there's plenty to look forward to in the world of cinematography. We also happened upon a few consumer-facing gadgets, including Ceton's new DVR companion apps for Android and iOS, that Lenscaster SLR lens mount for iPad and a new Dolby 3D standard that could help propel glasses-free 3D into mass production. That's but a small sampling of the gadgets at NAB 2012, however, so jump past the break for all our hands-ons from the show.

GoPro HD Hero 2's free ProTune upgrade will add 24fps and higher bitrates
Padcaster / Lenscaster lets you mount SLR lenses on iPad, we go hands-on at NAB
JVC demos GY-HM600, launches HM650 Mobile News Camera with WiFi and FTP at NAB
RED 9-inch touchscreen, OLED EVF and Meizler Module eyes-on
Blackmagic Cinema Camera packs 'feature film' 2.5K quality, touchscreen for $2,995
RED Dragon 6K sensor upgrade eyes-on
Canon Cinema EOS C500 camera hands-on
Canon Cinema EOS-1D C 4K camera hands-on
Sony NEX-FS700 cinema camera hands-on
Canon unveils EOS-1D C and C500 4K Cinema cameras, two new lenses ahead of NAB
Sony outs NEX-FS700 cinema camera: does crazy slow-mo now, 4K coming later
Sony to launch NEX-FS700E 4K cinema camera for $9,000 at NAB?
Canon teases 'exclusive screening' in Las Vegas, new Cinema EOS products coming at NAB?

Hauppauge announces StreamEez to broadcast live HD video
Bella KillerKeys brings desktops shortcuts and control to iOS for $20, we go hands-on
Dolby 3D on prototype 4K display and HTC Evo 3D hands-on
Ceton previews DVR companion apps on Android and iOS, teases Echo beta 'soon'
Curved panel gives more depth to 3D projections, we take a look at NAB
Canon shows off prototype 30-inch 4K reference display, won't put a price tag on love
Livestream Broadcaster hands-on
THX manages AV settings for pros and consumers with Cinespace HD and Media Director
DJI multi-rotor aircraft with Ruling live video feed controller hands-on
Ceton's Echo Extender for Media Center will be the first to support DTS surround sound
REDray 4K cinema laser projector and player eyes-on
We're live from NAB 2012 in Las Vegas!
Panasonic introduces new microP2 SD-sized storage at NAB 2012