Polaris' pool-cleaning robots get updated with added intelligence, four-wheel drive

Polaris' pool-cleaning robots get updated with added intelligence, four-wheel drive

It's been almost exactly a year since Zodiac Pool Systems last expanded its line of Polaris-branded pool-cleaning robots, and it's now back with two more additions that fill out the top and bottom end of its lineup. That includes the company's most advanced robot to date, the $1499 Polaris 9400 Sport (pictured above), which adds four-wheel drive for the first time, as well as the company's new accelerometer-enhanced ActivMotion Sensor technology -- something Polaris says allows the robot to continually sense where it is in the pool and optimize its cleaning action accordingly. The 9100 Sport, on the other hand, gets neither of those new additions, but it'll "only" set you back $799, and will still clean pools up to 40 feet long in about two hours. You can get a closer look at those, as well as the company's existing offerings, at the source link below.

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Polaris® Expands Robotic Pool Cleaning Line, Introduces Two New Models To Popular Sport Robotic Platform For 2012

Added intelligence and four-wheel-drive enhance pool cleaner action and maneuverability

SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. is introducing two new models, the Polaris 9400 Sport and Polaris 9100 Sport, to its Polaris advanced Sport Robotic pool cleaner line for the 2012 pool season. The two new models complement the company's popular Polaris 9300 Sport and 9300xi Sport models, and share the platform's patented Vortex Vacuum technology. Polaris has launched a newly revised website to highlight the full family of robotic cleaners as well as its other products:

The two new models represent an economical robot in the 9100 Sport and a top-of-the-line 9400 Sport robot that adds ActivMotion Sensor™ intelligence technology. Both cleaners capture more than four times the debris of other cleaners and cost just pennies a day to operate, reducing energy consumption up to 90 percent. The award-winning and sleek Sport Robotic line of cleaners is designed after the look of high-styled sports cars.

The ActivMotion Sensor in the 9400 uses an accelerometer, much like those used in electronic stability control systems in cars, or in smart phone and tablet devices to align the screen vertically or horizontally depending on the angle in which the device is held; the accelerometer automatically senses cleaner position. It measures force to determine 3-dimensional position, such as deep, shallow, horizontal or vertical, and adapts the pool cleaner for maximum cleaning action. The technology also reduces cord tangling and optimizes the pool cleaning path, even vacuuming in reverse down pool walls, resulting in 20 percent faster cleaning.

According to Kevin Braidic, Zodiac's director of product development, the Polaris 9400 Sport is the most advanced cleaner on the market. "The 9400 Sport continually senses where it is in the pool, optimizing the operation and cleaning action. Pre-programmed cleaning cycles allow consumers to choose between floor-only cleaning or floor, wall and waterline cleaning, a necessary chore that many pool owners just don't want to do manually. And when out of the water, it shuts itself down, making it very safe," says Braidic. "Our innovation team used the newest technology available, making cleaning the pool so easy and energy-efficient that it is no longer any deterrent to owning a pool."

The Polaris 9400 Sport Robot retails for $1499. Its features include:

4-wheel drive technology to provide impressive maneuverability over steps and obstacles
ActivMotion Sensor technology to optimize cleaning path and reduce cord tangling
Longer cable to clean up to a 50 foot long pool
Programmable cleaning time choices of 1.5 or 2.5 hours

The Polaris 9100 Sport robot is a good economical option as a robot that retails for $799, and is appropriate for pools up to 40 feet long. It has a 2-hour cleaning cycle, is lighter weight, and is especially good at cleaning the pool floor and cove. Features shared by both the Polaris 9400 Sport and the Polaris 9100 Sport, as well as the Polaris 9300 and 9300xi Sport models, are:

Patented Vortex Vacuum technology that maximizes vacuum power without losing suction and captures more debris
Top-access quick release filter canister for easy emptying of debris without touching it
Faster navigation and enhanced agility
Rear water propulsion system that blows debris off stairs and out of tight corners
High energy efficiency; both cost just pennies a day to operate

The Polaris Sport Robotic platform cleaners go into the pool only when cleaning is required as they are not attached to a stationary water outlet; therefore, pool owners can use the robotic cleaners in any existing pool. Zodiac is offering a $150 consumer rebate on the 9400 Sport model and a $50 consumer rebate on the 9100 Sport for purchases made in the U.S. April 1 through Sept. 3, 2012.

About Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Zodiac Marine & Pool, S.A.S., is a global leader in swimming pool and spa products and services. The company's comprehensive product lines are marketed under the leading brand names of Zodiac®, Polaris®, Jandy® Pro Series, Nature2®, and Cover-Pools®. Zodiac is the leading provider of premium, innovative pool and spa products and is committed to designing and producing the most energy efficient, earth-friendly pool products and systems available.

Polaris cleaners are the number one recognized brand of pool cleaners in the swimming pool industry and have enjoyed more than 40 years as the top selling pressure pool cleaner. The new robotics from Polaris display the same high quality engineering, rugged construction and reliability that pool owners have come to expect from the brand.

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