The Daily Grind: What in-game project made you the happiest to complete?

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.22.12

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The Daily Grind: What in-game project made you the happiest to complete?
Reading Marmaduke doesn't qualify as a project, FYI.
MMOs give players a lot of freedom and a lot of different potential projects. That means players get to pick a goal and get to it, whether or not it's the "intended" play pattern for the game. Sure, you might have a clear progression from low levels to endgame, but you can just as easily decide that you want to see all of the task forces in City of Heroes or clear all of the World of Warcraft dungeons on-level or level in Final Fantasy XIV with only store-bought equipment.

That's not to imply that game-provided projects like clearing all endgame content are somehow easier or less relevant. So out of all the game projects you've experienced in MMOs, which project was the one that gave you the best feeling after clearing it. Was it something you were "supposed" to do or just a challenge that seemed interesting at the time? Has it shaped your play subsequently, or was it fun then and never again?

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