Tribes: Ascend puts together a beta infographic

Revenge is sweet, as much the first time as the nine millionth time.

Tribes: Ascend has finally launched, and that means players everywhere can experience the simple joy of logging in, gearing up, and then skiing at high velocity across the ground while firing explosive munitions at distant targets. All right, maybe that joy isn't quite as simple, but the point remains that the game has successfully cleared its beta test. And what better way to celebrate that a bit belatedly than by pulling together some interesting stats on the overall beta experience?

Past the cut, you'll find an official infographic tallying things like total kills, total number of flags captured, and the ever-important question of how many people met their end by falling. In a game with jetpacks and high-speed skiing, that number is a bit higher than you might otherwise think. So take a look at the full collection of stats, sigh wistfully in memory, and then start gearing up for another round.