Salem sandbox MMO not for the faint of heart

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|05.09.12

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Salem sandbox MMO not for the faint of heart
Salem gameplay screenshot
Twenty minutes of gameplay doesn't seem like a lot when it comes to previewing an MMO, but PC Gamer is giving it the ol' college try with a look at Seatribe's new Salem sandbox. You know the Salem we mean. The one with... permadeath. Ooooh. Scary.

Anyhow, the piece offers up a few interesting insights, like when creative lead Bjorn Johannessen admits that the devs "have almost nothing to do with what happens" outside the game's only safe area (a colonial-era Boston). Another noteworthy tidbit is the fact that Salem doesn't display avatar names. Instead, it prompts you to name other characters for yourself (or trust that someone is who he says he is).

For more on Salem, check out the source below as well as our permadeath-flavored interview with Johannessen in Some Assembly Required.
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