Hands on with the iKlip Studio stand for iPad

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Hands on with the iKlip Studio stand for iPad

It's difficult to get excited about a stand for the iPad, unless it's something exceptional. But most of the time, a stand is to serve a very practical need. And with IK Multimedia producing a vast array of accessories and applications for musicians to use with their iPads and iPhones, it makes sense for them to make a stand for the iPad (like the iKlip for the iPhone and iPad -- attaching to a mic stand), but for the desktop.

At US$29.99, the iKlip Studio for the iPad provides everything you need in a stand. It assembles in a matter of seconds and folds away virtually flat for transportation to your next studio session. It's made from shock-resistant thermoplastic, so it won't shatter if you drop it, or mark or scratch your iPad, either. Rubber foot pads are placed at the corners of the underside of the stand to make sure it doesn't go sliding and slipping about. Similarly, rubber foot pads are also found on the upper-side of the stand, which the iPad rests on, so your iPad won't fall out of the stand with a knock or jolt.

The iKlip Studio has been well thought through. All your iPad's controls, buttons, connectors, and the camera are easily accessible. There's also ample space to accommodate a case for your iPad if you use one. When placed in portrait mode, there's a grill in the stand to allow sound from your iPad's speaker to come through as intended, without being muffled. If you have IK's iRig guitar adapter, there's a useful bracket that can be attached round the back to neatly house the adapter.

Possibly the most useful feature is the flexible orientation of the iKlip Studio. You can tilt its position to a very low angle or have it just about vertically facing you, or anywhere in between.

The iKlip Studio may not be the most aesthetically exciting stand around, but if you're looking for a stand which ticks all the practical boxes at a reasonable price, you won't go wrong with it.

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