Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite Battleground?

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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite Battleground?
I heard on Twitter a little while ago that someone was saying (rather boldly, I thought) that most people liked Warsong Gulch over other Battlegrounds. Now, this to me seemed a bit odd, and I wasn't the only one.

To assert that one Battleground is preferred to any other by most people seems to ignore the immense subjectivity inherent in WoW. Matthew Rossi and I recently wrote two pieces on what we like in raiding; if you don't believe me about the subjectivity, check them out! Some people definitely like the very simple premise of Warsong Gulch, but others may prefer the more complex Battlegrounds like Isle of Conquest or Alterac Valley, where at least some strategy is required.

And others simply prefer the ones they think they win the most. I'm probably one of those. Although I play mostly Alliance characters, we win Isle of Conquest a lot (see header image for the tactic), but it's kind of boring. You barely encounter any Horde for making with the stabby. No, my favourite is the other one the Alliance seems to win a lot (for me, anyway), which is Eye of the Storm. I love that Battleground, I really do! It's so simple, yet something about its layout just works.

So how about you? Which Battlegrounds do you love, and which make you groan inwardly when you see the loading screen? I warn you now, I will glare sternly at anyone who says they hate all Battlegrounds because they hate PvP, OK?

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