Denon turns up the volume with 11 new headphone models featuring iOS app integration

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|06.01.12

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Denon turns up the volume with 11 new headphone models featuring iOS app integration

If you're looking for something new to wrap around your noggin this coming season, then put it on your radar that Denon will be bringing 11 new sets of headphones to store shelves this August. That number might seem like quite a lot to digest, but it becomes a lot easier when broken down by category. First is the Exercise Freak lineup, a wrap-around earbud design that sells for $149 and will be available in black, blue and yellow. Beyond that, the company has three additional lineups -- the Music Maniac, the Urban Raver and the Globe Cruiser -- and each will be available in earbud and over-the-ear form factors. The Music Maniac headphones ($349 and $499) are designed to cater to audio purists with an acoustically flat signature. Most notable about the Music Maniac lineup is the top shelf Artisan model, which rings in at a healthy $1,199 and pits itself against other audiophile mainstays such as the Sennheiser HD800 and Audez'e LCD2. Meanwhile, the Urban Ravers ($249 and $399) place a heavy emphasis on bass, whereas the Globe Cruisers ($179 and $499) feature noise cancellation. As a nice touch, each of the models feature built-in microphones and volume controls.

Denon is supplying iOS apps for each family of headphones, which is a bit of a novel idea, but they vary significantly among lineups. Music Maniac purchasers will be treated to a music app that combines EQ adjustment and integration with TuneIn Radio, while the app for Urban Raver owners focuses on sharing and discovering new music via Facebook and Twitter. Globe Cruiser users will (oddly enough) be treated to a travel app, whereas Exercise Freak owners will find an app that features GPS integration for activity tracking. If it's any redemption for the fragmented assortment of apps, Denon owners may purchase each individual selection in the App Store for $0.99. If your head isn't spinning yet, feel free to check out the PR after the break.


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New Lineup Includes Highly Differentiated Features and New Apps for iPhone & iPod Touch to Enhance Listening Experience

MAHWAH, NJ, May 31, 2012 – Denon Electronics, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home and personal audio products, today announced eleven new additions to its headphone line. Designed and engineered from the ground up to meet the specific needs of several targeted consumer lifestyles, the new lineup incorporates 18 patent-pending designs and technologies developed by Denon®. "Denon has leveraged more than 100 years of experience in producing the best quality audio products, our aptitude for developing and incorporating new technologies, and our passion for listening to the end consumer to develop this highly differentiated headphone lineup centered around their individual needs," commented Petro Shimonishi, D+M's Senior Global Product Manager of Headphones. "The result is a best-in-class personal audio experience for the consumer. Simply put, our new models are engineered to Sound Like You, Move Like You, and Fit Like You, so you can Feel the Music like Never Before."

New Denon Headphones designed for Four Different Lifestyles / Use Cases

Denon's new lifestyle-oriented lineup offers headphones designed for four different "lifestyles" or use cases. Denon's new aptly named line of Music ManiacTM headphones is designed for the traditional audiophile with a focus on acoustic purity and audio quality. An additional lifestyle, which Denon calls Urban RaverTM, features models targeted to the younger music enthusiast that listens to contemporary genres of music with a heavy emphasis on bass. Denon Globe CruiserTM headphones are designed specifically with the needs of the frequent traveler in mind, while Denon Exercise FreakTM headphones are designed for the fitness enthusiast. All new line additions will be available this summer.

Advanced Features throughout the new Denon Lineup:

Professional Audio Tuning by Denon Acoustic Engineers Focused on the Music Needs & Tastes of the End User:
Building on its history of delivering superior audio performance, Denon's engineers have professionally tuned each product to match the desires of the end user. Music Maniac models are tuned to a Flat EQ to provide an acoustically transparent audio performance preferred by traditional audiophiles. Exercise Freak models are tuned to provide a slightly accentuated bass curve for motivating workouts. Globe Cruiser headphones are tuned to provide superior audio and exceptional noise canceling for business travelers, so they can be productive on the go. Finally, Urban Raver models are professionally tuned to provide an explosive bass performance and enhanced treble (so users can hear the subtle rhythms of the high hat).

Integrated Microphones and Controls on all new models:
Denon's new lineup features integrated controls and microphones on all new models for control of the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch.

Denon's Patent-pending Pentagonally-shaped Memory Foam Ear pads (All Over & On Ear models):
Designed to provide an extremely comfortable fit and minimize dead space within the ear pad, Denon's patent-pending pentagonlly-shaped ear pads more closely represent the shape of the human ear.

Enhancing the Activity While Worn: Wired for Some Models / Bluetooth Wireless for others:
"Delivering on the promise of a best-in-class personal listening experience is much more than sound for some lifestyles – it's about enhancing the end user's mobility," commented Shimonishi. New models developed for frequent travelers and frequent exercisers include Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity, while other models which are targeted around more conventional listening are wired but feature detachable cable connections.

Apps to Enhance the Listening Experience of Each Lifestyle:
Denon is proud to debut a suite of game-changing, lifestyle-specific apps, each of which was designed for unique headphone categories. Available now on the App Store, the Denon apps complement the new Denon headphones to deliver a unique experience.

Denon Audio App – For use with the Music Maniac headphone, this app allows users to customize their EQ & EQ Presets to set music levels for optimum performance. The app features an integrated audio player for playback of all music stored on the iPhone or iPod touch, allows for instant playlist creation directly from the app and offers simple access to internet radio via TuneIn, which offers over 60,000 internet radio stations worldwide.

Denon Club App - For use with the Urban Raver, this app allows users to easily update Facebook / Twitter statuses on music they like from the Urban Raver Community, look up lyrics to their favorite songs, share artist information, discover new artists and customize their EQ & EQ Presets, giving the user full power over their music.

Denon Travel App - Specifically designed to maximize the travel experience when used with Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones, the app offers users easy access to their most frequently used travel apps.

Denon Sport App - Created in conjunction with MapMyFITNESS, features GPS tracking for outdoor activities. With access to an online community via Facebook and Twitter users can easily share their workout progress with friends and track their fitness goals in a workout journal. The app even lets you map your location, how fast you're going and how long it should take to complete your run at your target pace!

The Denon Audio, Club, Travel and Sports Apps are each available for $.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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