Astro Gaming's A50 wireless headset: the A40 and Mixamp 5.8 become one for $300

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|06.05.12

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Turtle Beach may have acquired the MLG-endorsement crown that Astro Gaming used to solely hold for its headsets, but it's no matter as Astro has something else up its sleeve: the A50 wireless headset. Announced here at E3, the A50 is essentially the result of embedding the Mixamp 5.8's wireless chops into its flagship A40, finally sparing users of any pesky wiring and external beltpacks. Naturally, the stereo headset is compatible with Xbox 360, PS3 and computers, and it features Dolby virtual 7.1 surround sound -- not to mention Astro's signature game and voice chat mixing control (built into the earcup) so you can dial your game audio in the way you want. The A50 sports an internal battery that recharges over USB and a stand is included for storage that also houses its Mixamp 5.8 TX-esque wireless transmitter. That transmitter can also send sound to multiple A50s, although there is currently no word on exactly how many. Notably, the headset uses KleerNet lossless audio technology (a newer version of what's in 50 Cent's cans) and you'll have a choice between three EQ presets to shape overall voicing of the sound -- both firsts for Astro. The A50 is slated to hit shelves soon priced at $300, and we'll be sure to bring you our impressions as once we check it out here on the show floor. For now, you'll find a closeup of the headset itself after the break.

Update: Per some confusion in the comments, those with Xbox 360s will need to connect a cable from the headset to a controller for chat functionality on the console.

Astro Gaming's A50 wireless headset the A40 and Mixamp 58 become one for $300

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