Monsters Ate My Condo debuts on Android, free on iOS for a limited time

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Monsters Ate My Condo debuts on Android, free on iOS for a limited time
It's no secret that we very much enjoy Monsters Ate My Condo. We love giant unicorns with an addiction to cosmetic surgery who used to front '80s rock bands but now work at self-esteem help lines. It's our kyrptonite. Previously exclusive to iOS platforms, PikPok's puzzle game is finally making its debut on Android. It's available right now in the Google Play Store for $.99.

And to celebrate being App of the week on the App store, Adult Swim is also offering Monsters Ate My Condo on iOS for free. This offer will only be available for a limited time, so make sure you hit up iTunes and give it a download before these giant monsters have gotten their fill of plaster and Ikea furniture.
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Coming off the heels of the tremendously successful release of Chuck Darwin's Extinction Squad, Adult Swim revisits another PikPok favorite, Monsters Ate My Condo! The monsters are equal-opportunity eaters and do not discriminate against any condos. Hence, this stellar game is now available on Android! For the low cost of 99 cents, Android aficionados can enjoy the bizarre and colorful world of colossal real estate consumption!

But wait – there's more! For a limited time, the iOS version of the game is FREE to play! It doesn't get any better than that, ladies and gentlemen. Oh wait, yes it does. This game is so addictively awesome that it has been named iTunes' App of the Week for the week of June 7.

Android for 99 cents? iOS for free (for a limited time)? App of the Week? HOW DO THEY DO IT???

In case you ever had any doubt, you now know how much Adult Swim loves you.

Game Description:

Feed the creatures and prevent the destruction of all humankind!

Adult Swim Games and PikPok present all-new monster puzzle action!! Terrible catastrophe! Four ferocious monsters of destruction are on a rampage and only residential high-rises will satisfy their boundless hunger. In this larger-than-life puzzle game, you will use intuitive swipe controls to match the colored floors. Feed the creatures and prevent the destruction of all humankind!

• Feed four ravenous beasts: Boat Head, Reginald Starfire, Mr. Shigoto and Lord Ferocious
• Features both Endless and Time Attack modes
• Play on your phone or tablet!
• Fully-animated monsters to delight players, destroy civilization

From Adult Swim Games, purveyors of the equally-terrifying Robot Unicorn Attack and Amateur Surgeon games, and PikPok, developers of highly addictive games like the Flick Kick series.
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