Breakfast Topic: I killed him for his shirt

Matthew Rossi
M. Rossi|07.16.12

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Breakfast Topic: I killed him for his shirt
Breakfast Topic I killed him for his shirt
Yes, I have this thing I do where I kill Fineous Darkvire for his weird, white-quality, bind-on-pickup shirt. It's not even that I really care about the shirt. I just get this weird kick out of a bind-on-pickup shirt that's white quality, so it doesn't even have the usual loot safeguards. Every time I get one, I destroy the one I have in my bags so as to keep my shirt levels balanced. I don't really have any reason to go to Blackrock Depths besides the shirt, really. I just go in, kill the place dead, and see if I got a shirt or not. So far, it's dropped twice in the past seven or so years, and tonight made three.

Any weird loot artifacts that tickle your whimsical side? Any shirts or monocles or masks or what have you that send you murdering mobs?

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Breakfast Topic: I killed him for his shirt