Exclusive: Illyriad major trade update launching this week

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|07.25.12

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Exclusive: Illyriad major trade update launching this week
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Illyriad screenshot
Illyriad fans, rejoice! The highly anticipated trade revamp is hitting the free-to-play fantasy MMORTS at the end of this week. This huge update will significantly alter the economic landscape of the game. Going beyond just an overhaul of the trade system, this update also introduces crafting, expands harvesting, and opens the way for players to gain power and wealth through commerce.

How significant are these changes? Currently there are 17 items that can be traded among players; after the update, that number skyrockets to over 300. With the addition of crafted equipment, troop customization increases from eight basic troop types to include thousands of possibilities. Other changes include over 50 new special resource types, nine new mounts, 72 new weapons, 53 new armor types, 13 new specialist buildings, and 187 new technologies to research.

The sheer number of additions is not the only change. With many commodities being regional, potential business moguls will find that establishing trade routes and even creating monopolies will be profitable. If you enjoy economic strategies instead of just military, check Illyriad out.

[Source: Illyriad Games press release]
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