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Google search nerds out, adds full-button scientific calculator

Google search nerds out, adds full-button scientific calculator
Joseph Volpe
Joseph Volpe|@jrvolpe|July 25, 2012 1:47 PM

Search is Google's bread and butter, so it stands to reason the company would want to cram in as much universal functionality to that unassuming text box as possible. After having integrated graphing capabilities this past Winter, the Mountain View gang's at it again, expanding the breadth of its moneymaker with a full, pop-up scientific calculator. Users that input the beginnings of an equation from either the desktop site or mobile version (landscape only) will instantly see a 32-button layout appear in the space below, mapped for all the mathematical functions your left brain can't handle alone. The calculator can also be triggered by voice commands, so those of you averse to thumb-smashing will have the luxury of barking those algebraic equations straight into your handset. It's live now for the testing, but we warn you, it's no replacement for that game-filled TI-83.

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